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Types of translators

I am an independent translator. I can receive your German-language documents by email, fax, or overnight mail. I can return the translation using any of these methods, as well. I am also available for on-site work.


         Types of translators                              


         Direct contact                                            





Independent translators
Independent translators, or freelance translators, hire themselves out as sub-contractors to translation service consumers. You call the independent translator directly and negotiate cost and delivery schedule. In most cases, the translator's office location is unimportant, since you can send the source language documents to the translator by fax or email, and the translator can return the translations in the same manner.


Agency Translators
Translation users don't actually hire translation agency or bureau translators; rather they contract with an agency that provides translators.  You call the agency and describe the document(s) to be translated.  The agency then determines if it can find a translator qualified and available to translate, and if so, will quote you a fee schedule and timetable.  Some agencies have some in-house (employee) translators, but most agencies sub-contract most of their work to independent translators.

In-House Translators

Some translation users generate enough translation work to justify hiring in-house translators.  These translators are actually employees of the translation user entitled to benefits and employer contributions to Social Security and Medicare and subject to all pertinent client (employer) regulations and codes.

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