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Brief sampling of patents translated

I have extensive experience in the field of patents and have translated patents, patent court decisions, and legal briefs in patent cases. Below is a brief and incomplete list of mechanical, medical, chemical/pharmaceutical, industrial/automotive, and other patents I have translated.


Apparatus for sorted feeding and positioning of small parts to be packed 

Vending machine 

Mechanical switching contact

Buckle folding machine

Personal document in book form

Clamping device with centering device on a grinding spindle rotor and rotary part with such a centering device

Device for longitudinally binding packed goods

Key for cylinder lock

Apparatus for transferring sorted products to the cups of a film web

Fitness device

Device for releasing and interlocking the collapsible side walls of cases or containers, especially returnable containers made of plastic materials

Device for evaporating caldiferous water by means of heating

Coin separator

Articulated arm conveying device

Method and apparatus for grinding center bearings of crankshafts 

Rotational shearing filter

Apparatus for coupling an ultrasound clamp-on measuring head attached to a tube wall

Centering pin 

Toothed belt gearing 

Product conveying and/or product processing element for a harvesting machine 

Method for inspecting the sealing results during the sealing of films in a sealing station of a thermoforming machine

Method and apparatus for grinding a rotationally symmetrical machine part

Squeeze mop

Production and deflection of ink drops in a continuously working ink-jet printer


Knee prosthesis

System for minimally invasive treatment of a bone fracture, especially of a proximal humeral or femoral fracture

Method and apparatus for expanding a body cavity

Ventral plate

Ersatz cigarette

3D dental imaging system

Variable lens

Low-viscosity, radiation-hardenable formulation for producing earmolds with antimicrobial properties

Focusing and astigmatism compensation device for a fundus camera

Screw-in enossal dental implant


Apparatus and method for determining the mechanical leg axis of a femur

Method and apparatus for retinal diagnosis

Endotracheal tube with cuff

Plate implant, in particular for use on a spinal column

Device for inserting implants

Pedicle screw

Method and apparatus for evaluating the field of vision


Method and apparatus for processing signalling information in a telecommunications network

Textile hollow body and method for manufacturing same

Sole for athletic shoes

A proxy-server system for enhancing functionality of computers accessing servers on the Internet

Rutile-based pigment and method for production thereof

Method for stabilizing a pile fabric such as pile carpet with a reinforcing back and sheet cloth 

Pixel matrix display device for transport systems

Microscope image processing method

Method for wireless exchange of data

Method and device for producing a spunbond nonwoven

Arrangment made of support and superconducting film, vortex diode including such an arrangement, and use of vortex diodes for filters

Method and system for retinal biodetection

Method and device for igniting and generating an expanding diffuse microwave plasma and method and device for plasma-treating surfaces and substances by means of said plasma


Method and apparatus for the disintegration in particular of inorganic materials

Resin mixture and shape tool comprising said resin for shaping a fiber-like material

Preparation for reducing appetite, producing satiation, and/or weight loss in children

Preparation for photodynamic control of microorganisms and use thereof

Method for producing L-serine, gene sequence, vectors, and microorganisms

Metal complexes based on tetrathiol ligands and their use in nuclear medicine diagnostics and endoradionuclide therapy and method for producing said metal complexes

Method for producing urea from natural gas

Nucleic acid transfer peptides and their use for injecting nucleic acids into eucaryotic cells

Method for producing 4-aminodiphenylamine

Method for producing gas clathrates

Method and array for replicating and analyzing nucleic acids

Stable lyophilized pharmaceutical substances from monoclonal or polyclonal antibodies

Catalyst for recombining hydrogen with oxygen

Device and method for fractionating liquids charged with particles

Antioxidant agent for food products


Method and apparatus for ion beam processing of surfaces

Multilayer film with adjustable water vapor permeability

Chromium retention layers for components of fuel cell systems

Aromatized filter paper insert and method for producing same
Article made of a flexible plastic and/or rubber
ECR plasma source having linear plasma discharge aperture
Apparatus for water-cooling the wire in wire rod mills
Method for calibrating ultrasound clamp-on flowmeters
Method for mixing a plastic granulate with an additive and mixing device for performing said method and apparatus with said mixing device
Self-protection system for combat vehicles or other objects to be protected
Method and device for producing a metal strand using continuous casting
Iron-nickel-chromium-silicon alloy

Production of a gas-tight, crystalline mullite coating using a thermal spray method

High-tensile steel with intentional deformation in a crash

Fuel supply system for internal combustion engines

Bearing member for supporting an elastic support element

Shock absorber and damping element for a shock absorber

Self-propelled harvesting machine 

Headrest for a vehicle seat

Supercharging system for internal combustion engine

Protection of anode-supported solid oxide fuel cells against reoxidation of the anode 

Hybrid drive for vehicles and method for controlling a transmission for a hybrid drive 

Method for producing a solar cell and solar cell produced using said method 

Load-lifting magnet


MOSFET high-voltage switch with extremely short switching time

Electrical switch
Power supply device
Inductive switch

Autonomous modular energy supply system for separate networks
Electrooptical element
Electronic overcurrent trip system
Near-field antenna
Oscillation generator for seismic applications
Inductive position measuring device or goniometer
Electrical testing device for testing electrical test samples
Electric servomotor
Circuit arrangement and method for detecting a charge
Electrochemical energy storage unit

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