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As an independent translator, I can provide you the continuity you need. I will become familiar with your terminology preferences, business requirements, and the writing style you favor. The documents I translate for you will integrate seamlessly. 

A primary consideration in selecting a translator, especially for clients with prolonged translation needs, is continuity.


An independent or in-house translator used for ongoing correspondence and cases will become very familiar with your business requirements and style. The translator, having become acquainted with the issue raised in previous documents translated for a case, is able to relate the contents of one translation text to the next. The result can be more precise translation having more standardized terminology.


On the other hand, agencies often use different translators from one translation project to the next, depending on availability, timetables, and rates. This means that if you use an agency to translate a document you receive on Monday, the agency may subcontract it to one translator, but when you use the same agency to translate a related document you receive on Thursday, the agency may not use the same translator.

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